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Minimum temporary transformation of a room, for “Visualising Transformation” exhibition, Artissima Design, Torino 2010
Curators: Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

Data: seven objects designed by two different designers. Displaying them in a single room with a strong character, full of nineteenth century decorations, paintings, and furnishings (by the entrance there is also a bust of Cavour) that are so ponderous as to be almost untouchable. A difficult and delicate task, considering that it is not even possible to screw anything to the walls!
MARC’s approach: in our view, designing an exhibition simply means indicating a criterion for the visit, without overwhelming the objects, and accepting the characteristics of the exhibition space. We like to do it by using as little material as we can, and spending a modest amount of money.

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Not just out of budget concerns, but because the real value is in what is on show. In the end, as we see it, exhibition design transforms the space as little as possible, simply suggesting a possible path.
The design consists in just two plastic lines, like the ones used by the police in crime scenes. Their ends are fixed with improvised devices wherever possible: to an existing screw of an existing switch on the wall, to the handle of the window, and so on. Instead of “police line do not cross”, a few informations about the exhibition are written on the lines.

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Design: MARC
Designers: Subhash Mukerjee, Michele Bonino
Collaborator: Lucia Baima
Contractor: Silvio Grosso
Client: Fondazione Torino Musei
Surface: 70 sqm
Photos: Beppe Giardino