One meter above


One meter above
Transformation of an apartment, Torino 2003

A thirty-year-old couple buys an elegant corner apartment in a 19th century building. The main problem is represented by the big dark entrance with no natural light but with a beautiful terrazzo floor. We decide to place the “heart” of the apartment there: it is a big overhanging volume, where to hide the apartment’s most private areas (bathrooms and utility room).


The floating volume (one meter high) preserves and reveals the beautiful flooring, while the rest of the rooms are left almost untouched, to emphasize the contast between the dark private areas and the bright and clear living areas.


Design: COEX
Designers: Michele Bonino, Subhash Mukerjee, Federica Patti, Martina Tabò
Client: private
Surface: 120 sqm
Photos: Beppe Giardino