Little rented flat

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Little rented flat
Light transformation of an apartment, Torino 2019

A rented apartment for a single man. Small budget, no possibility to move walls. The man has a quite busy life, with three kids who stay in the apartment for some days a week. The apartment is relatively small, but it still needs to host a wide series of functions: the man needs a sleeping space for him and one for his fast-growing kids, he needs a dining area able to host solitary meals as well as larger parties, he needs a place to work, and the kids too need places for their homework. They all need a living space to chat and watch movies together, the evening’s family rite.

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The man is an architect: his mind is clear about the functional layout he needs, about how to mix and overlap functions, it is clear about how to take advantage af the vaulted section of the rooms.
But design also involves aesthetic choices, and to look for the aesthetics of one’s own place is to look deeply into one’s self. Too deeply, the man is not ready to translate his own self into a space. He needs someone with less personal involvement to do the job with him. So he hires the very young milanese designers Cerra + Corbani. The collaboration is funny and fruitful, and the result is a simple, functional and playful space, that mixes sectional precision with delicate furniture, colored elements, transformable tables, joyful details.

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Design: Subhash Mukerjee, Cerra + Corbani
Designers: Subhash Mukerjee, Valentina Cerra, Chiara Corbani
Contractors: Ricardo Rios, Silvio Grosso
Client: private
Surface: 75 mq
Photos: Carla Di Benedetto