Let It flow


Let it flow
Transformation of an apartment, Torino 2006

The 55 sqm of the new apartment were not enough to host the 65 kg mastiff and the huge wardrobe of a young lady.
The apartment is located in a 18th century building, has a tall ceiling and a very peculiar plan, almost “wrapped” around the building’s common staircase.
Except for a medium-sized living space, none of the other rooms were more than 8 sqm, too small to fit any function in a traditional way. Furthermore, they were all separated by massive bearing walls that could not be demolished.


The design deals with this rigid configuration by letting every function flow into another, indifferent to the divisions, thus “eating” vital space from the living room.
The yellow kitchen flows into the central space, the big suspended wardrobe floats over it and flows into the next room becoming the bedroom. The bathroom is a former 80 cm wide balcony: it flows into the kitchen, that on the other hand “steals” from it its only possible window. A small storage space is filled with the staircase to the bed.
This intertwined combination of functions makes it possible to keep the space light and airy and to save an entire small room for the big dog.

11a_Pianta bassa copy
11b_Pianta alta copy

Designers: Subhash Mukerjee, Martina Tabò
Collaborator: Ileana Marchisio
Structure consultants: Enrico Bertuccio, Riccardo Morello
Contractor: Luciano Actis Dana
Client: private
Surface: 55 sqm
Photos: Beppe Giardino