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Transformation of an office, Torino 2019

One of Turin’s best agencies for visual design grows, changes its name and moves its office. The new space is a large room in a little building shared with other studios.
They need a few new workstations to be integrated with the existing ones, they need a spacious library for their vast book collection, they need a door to separate the office from the other spaces, and they need new lamps, avoiding visible pipings.

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These elements are also responsible for the office’s new spatial identity, spending, of course, as little as possible.
So, the old workstations are framed in a single big wooden table in the middle of the room, the library – the thin Ikea Billy – is reinforced with fluo-colored supports. The door is a translucent gate, angled not to intefere with the entrance to the common bathroom. The new lamps, simple neons, are not hung to the ceiling. Instead, they are strapped to a large yellow fishnet that spans all above the space and works as a soft false-ceiling: the lamps are heavy enough to produce local deformations of the net, tranforming it in a transparent, three-dimensional structure. Above the net, electric cables look nicer.

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Design: S.M.
Collaborator: Mattia Gola
Main contractor: Silvio Grosso
Client: FIONDA
120 mq
Photos: Beppe Giardino